Frag 176-191 5 Mg

COMPOSITION : EACH 1ML CONTAINS : FRAG 176-191 5MG BAC WATER FOR RECONSTITUTION FRAG 176-191 5mg is a peptide generated from the growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) sequence. This peptide has gained attention for its potential to promote fat loss and weight management. FRAG 176-191 5mg is designed to target and stimulate lipolysis, the breakdown of […]

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CJC-1295 (Without Dac) 5 Mg

COMPOSITION : EACH 1ML CONTAINS : CJC-1295 5MG BAC WATER FOR RECONSTITUTION Modified Growth Releasing Factor aminos 1-29, usually referred to as Modified GRF (1-29) or “ModGRF(1-29),” also known as CJC-1295 without DAC, is a synthetic analog of the endogenous peptide signalling hormone Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH). Because CJC 1295 without DAC does not

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TB-500 5 Mg (Thymosin Beta 4)

COMPOSITION : EACH 1ML CONTAINS : TB-500 5MG TB-500 (Thymosin Beta-4) is a synthetic peptide with a molecular weight of 4963.49 Daltons and a sequence consisting of 43 amino acids. It is commonly available in a 5mg dosage form. According to research, TB 500 has advantageous benefits on inflammation, flexibility, wound healing, and injury recovery.

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BPC-157 5 Mg

COMPOSITION : EACH 1ML CONTAINS : BPC-157 5MG BAC WATER FOR RECONSTITUTION A synthetic peptide known as BPC-157 5mg was created from the naturally existing protein known as Body Protection Compound. It’s used to encourage healing and recovery from injuries because it’s thought to have regenerative characteristics. Injections of BPC-157 are frequently used to treat

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Semaglutide 5 Mg

COMPOSITION : EACH 1ML CONTAINS : SEMAGLUTIDE 5MG BAC WATER FOR RECONSTITUTION Semaglutide 5mg is used to help persons with type 2 diabetes better control their blood sugar levels. It belongs to a class of medications known as GLP-1 receptor agonists, which lower blood glucose levels by promoting insulin production and inhibiting glucagon secretion. This

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IGF1-LR3 1 Mg

COMPOSITION : EACH 1ML CONTAINS : IGF-LR3 1MG A synthetic, modified version of insulin-like growth factor-1 is known as IGF-1 LR3 (insulin-like growth factor-1 long arginine 3). IGF-1 LR3 remains active up to 120 times longer than conventional IGF-1 due to the fact that it does not attach to IGF-1 binding proteins very well. As

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