Why can’t I buy your products directly from your website?

The GenLabs Inc. website is established with the purpose of general product information display only. For details of our products i.e. product quality, experience to use the products, international standard leaflets, and if you want to buy our products etc, Please visit our official website (

Sind alle Ihre injizierbaren Produkte auf Ölbasis?

Ja, die meisten injizierbaren Produkte von GenLabs Inc. basieren auf Öl, mit Ausnahme von Stanozolol und Testosteron-Suspensions injektionen auf Wasserbasis


Why is it so painful after Injecting the product?

Because of many factors as followings:

  1. Genuine, high purity and concentration raw materials used to produce all GenLabs Inc. products.
  2. Appropriate Injected site should be deep muscles such as Gluteal muscle and different site from previous Injection.
  3. Repeat Injection at the same location until fibrosis formation.
  4. PH (acid-base) of dilution used, raw material and finished products. Kindly be informed that we are developing a new effective dilution for less painful Injection.